Consumer & Shopper Insights

Enmain empowers you to translate customer insights into actionable strategies that drive profitable growth. We partner with you to uncover the motivations, beliefs, and attitudes that shape your customers’ purchase journeys.

Our team leverages proprietary approaches, cutting-edge tools, and a unique perspective on consumer trends, macroeconomics, and industry dynamics. This holistic approach allows us to generate a complete picture of your customers, sparking innovation, revealing growth opportunities, and guiding the development of successful products and brands.

How We Deliver Value

We combine strategic thinking with a business-centric approach to transform customer and shopper insights into concrete ideas that propel exceptional organizational performance. Our core services encompass four key areas:

  • Qualitative Research: Uncovering Customer Needs: We bring your customers to life through qualitative research. This approach sheds light on their unmet needs, decision-making processes, and true reactions to companies and brands. We involve and train your team to leverage these insights, sharpening problem-solving skills, enhancing value propositions, overcoming adoption hurdles, and accelerating successful innovation.
  • Segmentation for Strategic Growth: In today’s complex marketing landscape, with an ever-growing number of brands, product launches, and customer touchpoints, effective segmentation is crucial. We help you develop a robust segmentation platform, providing fundamental insights to navigate this competitive environment. This platform empowers marketing leaders to focus investments with laser precision and identify the most promising avenues for growth.
  • Conjoint Analysis: Unveiling Customer Preferences: Conjoint analysis, a powerful tool for understanding customer value preferences, is often underutilized due to its complexity. Our team offers a unique blend of business acumen, technical expertise, and industry experience. We leverage this combination to generate detailed and precise insights into customer preferences. This allows you to segment your audience with greater accuracy, uncover the intangible brand attributes that resonate with customers, and forecast market share and financial impact with exceptional precision.
  • Mapping the Consumer Decision Journey: We help you focus your investments on the four critical battlegrounds of the consumer decision journey:
    1. Building Brand Awareness: Ensuring your brand enters the initial consideration set.
    2. Fueling Word-of-Mouth: Maximizing positive word-of-mouth to elevate your brand during the evaluation stage.
    3. Securing the Purchase: Clinching the deal at the point of sale and through customer interactions.
    4. Cultivating Brand Loyalty: Building lasting customer loyalty after the purchase.

By partnering with Enmain, you gain access to a team of experts dedicated to unlocking the power of consumer insights. Together, we’ll transform your understanding of your customers, propelling your business towards sustainable growth.