About Us

Enmain is a passionate team of industry experts specializing in growth, marketing, and sales strategy. We go beyond superficial approaches; we are dedicated to creating unforgettable customer journeys that fuel long-term growth. We leverage our combined expertise in customer experience, branding, marketing, and consumer & shopper insights to achieve this.

We assist you in optimizing your customer relationship management practices and developing targeted strategies to transform your customer lifecycle, from initial contact to loyal fan.

By prioritizing understanding your customers and crafting personalized experiences, we foster loyalty and advocacy. Through close collaboration, we pinpoint growth opportunities and develop innovative solutions that undergo rigorous testing for maximum impact. Our team excels in strategy development and customer-centric digital transformation, ensuring your success in today’s dynamic market.

How we are structured

Enmain, a network of member firms and independent consultants operating under Enmain LLP, offers a broader range of expertise and geographic reach due to this structure. “Enmain” can refer to individual firms, independent consultants within the network, or the collective entity. If you are a management consultant interested in joining Enmain, you are welcome to become part of our team.

The future of work

We’re a remote-first company with a central headquarters. Our global team thrives on autonomy and the absence of office noise. Studies consistently show that remote work boosts productivity, and we strongly believe that physical distance fosters robust communication and collaboration!