Enmain Group

Since its inception in 2014, Enmain has evolved from a management consulting firm to a diverse enterprise. It now pioneers across multiple sectors including management consulting, art, and agriculture. By offering valuable insights to businesses, fostering creativity in the art world, and promoting sustainability in agriculture, Enmain Group has made a significant impact. Committed to excellence and innovation, it remains at the forefront of driving change in today’s landscape.

How we are structured

Enmain is the brand under which the member firms and independently practicing consultants of Enmain LLP (Enmain Consulting) operate and provide professional services. Together, these firms and independently practicing consultants form the Enmain network. ‘Enmain’ is often used to refer either to individual firms and independently practicing consultants within the Enmain network or to several or all of them collectively. If you are a management consultant interested in Enmain, welcome to join our team.